Published: 27th June 2011
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These body pillowcases are perfect gifts for special someone on different occasions like wedding, anniversary and valentines. They come with free gift message card. No body pillow included. It fits to most standard body pillowcase size: 54 x 20 inches (135 x 50 cm). Cotton and polyester mix fabric. Gift wrapping is available on this item once purchased.

Pillowcases are known to be a removable cover of pillow - an object that sleeps beside us. That gives us comfort during cold at night, our partner in times of sorrow and happy nights. And now, it does not only our partner at night but a dream come true of being loved and cared everyday to life! A truly partner in bed during cold at night!

These body pillowcases have variety of designs. Designs are so romantic and full of emotions that come from someone’s heart. They can be a tool to those who cannot express feelings personally. To those who want to buy will just simply choose a design which perfectly matches their feelings to someone. A perfect gift which could ease someone’s truly feelings and emotions.

Many individuals are confused of what to give to someone in special occasions. A lot of items are to be chosen. Others do not know what to say especially if it talks with personal feelings and emotions. With this pillowcase, personal touched and kisses are at hand. Saying I love you, I’m sorry, Thank you, I miss you, All I want is you, A big Kiss to someone in a mile, You are so beautiful, and a lot more. All of these thoughts and feelings can be found to these body pillowcases.

With this body pillowcase, you are not only sharing a pillow but you also share your hopes and dreams, it also give chances to people who want to say "please forgive me", it also help someone to show admiration to somebody, also expressed someone’s deepest feeling of falling in love everyday and every night by saying I love you, it is also a perfect solution to those who feel of being apart - feeling of being together even in a distance. Thus, remembering of always being together could be felt, dreaming of having a big kiss can be come true.

They give individuals a perfect gift no matter how far they are, even to those who live together, love and romances can still be felt. Only, to show to each other how much they really care about of being pair.

Like any other pillowcases, it is machine washable inside out. It should not be bleach. Tumble dry low. Decoration should not be ironed.

This pillowcase is BoldLoft?s signature series, Boy Meets Girl, featuring heartwarming images of perfect pairs, brings the complex joy of everyday love to life.

So, why hiding your emotions if you can let it express by giving gift? Why waiting you to be there if you can let it feel you are always there? Buy and shop now these body pillowcases – a perfect gift for better dreams and sleeps at night.

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